Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Special Occasions The Precious Present

“Yesterday’s History; Tomorrow, a mystery; Today is a gift, It’s the present!”

This chorus of a catchy song runs through my mind as I wrap my Christmas gifts.

“Today is a gift, it’s the present.”

As I tie the red and green ribbons I linger over the words, “Today is a gift”... and I wonder, “How often, especially at this time of year, do I forget the “today” of my life?

With change happening all around, and more promised on the brink of a new year, it is easy to tend to live in the yesterdays and the tomorrows of our lives. We can completely miss the gift of today as we hurry on to accomplish our never ending “to do” list. Sometimes the regrets of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow become subtle thieves that rob us of our present! Sometimes the increasing busyness that has invaded most of our lives leaves us breathless and forever anticipating “when this is past… then I’ll take some time to… “

I fold the pretty paper around another gift. “The precious present”. Yes today is all I have. Today is all any of us ever have. I sometimes forget the preciousness of today. I sometimes forget the gift today is.

As I place the newly wrapped gifts under the tree, I determine afresh to live in the precious present, to see today as a gift and not to hurry it on to yet another event scheduled in my day timer. I will hug those I love more. I will encourage more. I will choose to slow my pace here and there more… and linger in my today. I will choose to listen better… with eye contact.

I survey the gifts under the tree. I hadn’t expected such refreshment in the task. I choose to sit for a moment and thank God for the today of my life, imperfect as it may be. I ask Him to help me remember that the present moment is truly a gift. With His help I will live more fully in today… and look for Him in it.

“Today is a gift, it’s the present.”