Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Special Occasions 08 - A Graduation Tribute

A Tribute to the Parents of the Graduating Class.

Today we stand proud as we see our children here in their caps and gowns. We are proud to honor the accomplishment they have attained today. In the busy years of kindergarten and preschool we had no idea this day would come so quickly.

Over the years we have laughed and cried as we enjoyed the good times and faced the challenges of raising our children in these fast-changing times. We all have good memories of time spent together. We also have memories of times that were not so easy; times when our growing children needed independence that was sometimes hard to give. We grew as they grew. We learned as they learned.

As parents we look at the world our children are about to enter as adults in their own right. It is an exciting world. It is world full of adventure. It is a world full of risks and challenges. And sometimes we worry. Have we prepared them well enough?

Yet as we look into the faces of these young people today, we realize they are equipped to begin this adventure. They are equipped, not because of what we have done or even in spite of what we have done. No, they are equipped because of who they have allowed themselves to become and who they will continue to be as they grow.

As parents we celebrate the differences in our kids. Some have great grades,
others have exceptional hands on skills while others are gifted in dealing with people. Each one is developing into a unique adult who will make unique contributions to their corner of the world.

We know from experience that it is not so much what each one will attain in fame or fortune. We know that much more important than what each will DO as an occupation is what each will BE as men and women.

We have learned that in our shifting, changing society security looks different today than it once did. We know many of our kids will train more than once for careers that are also shifting and changing as fast as our technology advances. Stability is not found in where we live or what we do. It must be found in who we are. This is the strength within that carries us through the changes without.

As parents we know the enormous circumstances that can challenge us in life. Yet we know that no storm can wash away love, courage, intelligence, compassion, ingenuity and faith. These are the things we are on the inside. These are the things that make one’s life truly significant.

Today as our children stand on the threshold of an exciting future we stand behind them. We applaud the strength of character we see in them. We know they will tackle the world and go after what they want. We wish them great success and much happiness. Let us commit to keep growing ourselves.

We pray God’s blessing and guidance for each graduate today. Together as parents, we know that your strength of character will anchor you as you go through this life. We have been blessed to share the journey with you!