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Loved by God Part 26 - Just Pray

Shelly listened intently to the talk in the committee meeting. A fragile situation had arisen and the committee was divided as to how to handle it. One said, “We need to pray!” Another said “Yes, but we need to do more than just pray. We need to do something!” She had some ideas as to how to fix things.

So often we see prayer as simply a list of our requests to God, our asking Him to come into our lives and fix our fragile situations. We are often desperate and pleading. In our panic for an immediate answer to our pain, we sometimes miss what God is offering us through prayer. Listen to this invitation from God Himself.

“Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4: 16

God knows we will all have times of need. He invites us to come to Him boldly. This invitation is an opportunity to receive from the Lord Himself. It is not a promise of an immediate solution to our problem. It is a promise to find the mercy and the grace… the strength to walk where we need to walk right there in our need.

Sometimes God answers our crisis prayer right in the moment of need. Other times there is no immediate answer. He seems to have forgotten us and we feel prayer is not working. But when He waits with the answer He offers something that is far deeper. He offers Grace…God’s divine influence operating in our daily life giving us strength and wisdom, patience and endurance. And He offers mercy… God’s love and compassion toward us, holding us through the storm. And so He helps us in our time of deep need.

The next time a bump in the road of life causes pain or hardship in your life, pray! Pray for your answer, but continue praying and looking expectantly to receive just what you need to carry you through. God Himself invites you to receive.

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Father God,
Thank you for Your open invitation to come boldly to You. Today, in the things I do not understand and in the answers I am waiting for, let me receive from You. Pour out Your grace to help me and Your mercy to hold me. Give me what I need. Divinely put peace and patience in my heart and mind today. Thank you that You walk beside me and will be my help!
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen