Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 1 - The Promise of Hope

It had been another dry year. The water in the town reservoir was at the lowest it had ever been. Rationing was called for. Lawns could not be watered, gardens had to make it on whatever the morning dew left them, even showers and baths were limited. The river was nearly dry now… the river that fed the water to the town’s reservoir. The dry winds and penetrating sun, the cloudless skies and the lack of rain had all added up to a mere trickle of muddy water and a desperate situation.

Across the miles another town lavished in green lawns, children running through sprinklers and gardens bringing forth their harvest. This town too had felt the dry winds and the hot sun. It was not the first year of the dry spell here either, yet the supply of water was not limited. Why was this reservoir full? A sparkling spring, spontaneous and constant sprang up from inside the earth. The climate of the day or even of the year did not affect the supply. It was fed by a source deep within.

Life can sometimes bring us the dry winds of hardship, the hot sun of blistered relationships and long periods that seem to bring no relief. Our resources evaporate to a mere trickle and we find our hearts longing for a cool and refreshing drink. When these droughts of life last we find our situation can feel desperate and we wonder how relief will ever come.

The God of the Bible offers us a drink… but wait… it is more than just a drink! He offers to let us tap into His constant flow of living water… water that refreshes the desperate soul, water that becomes our source within. But how can this be?

It is a mystery from the heart of God… a response from His heart to ours when we call on Him in the midst of our emptiness. He waits for you to call, “God, help me.”

“God, come into my life and help me live.”
“God, forgive me for needing to always do it my way”.
“God, please do it Your way in my life”.

Choose God today in your life and watch the mystery unfold. Watch how He will bring that refreshing into your soul. It is called the Holy Spirit…... the Comforter…... the Helper God left for us when Jesus returned to Heaven. He is the spring within that will bring help and strength, wisdom and comfort, patience and love. And hope that will lighten your heart. He will be the steady hand in the face of trouble and the source for all of life.

Sound too good to be true? Dare to journey in the power of the Holy Spirit and you will find Power for Living like you never believed.

“I have come that they might have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10