Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 2 - Walking with the Teacher

The day I met her she was so weary! Oh not just in her body, she knew how to keep pushing and somehow always managed to do what she had to do. Bumping into her in the grocery store you never would have guessed the exhaustion of her soul that threatened to overwhelm her from just below the masked surface.

But in the quiet moment we shared the mask came down briefly and the tears rushed in unbidden. The tasks life had called her to were overwhelming and she was tired of thinking about it all, tired of carrying the load. It seemed relief was not an option and wiping away the tears of the unguarded moment she mustered a smile and said, “Oh, I’ll be alright… it’s just been a long day.” And she hurried off to try to convince herself that it would be so. A weary soul!

Many are the avenues of advice to rest your body… to exercise it and eat right and be rejuvenated through vitamins, aroma or a variety of other things. . Even rest for the mind is well advocated through retreats and times of reflection, books and tapes that promise a certain level of peace.

But rest for the soul? Rest in the very depths of our being, in the very places we carry the burdens that we so seldom speak of yet feel their weight regularly. Is there such a thing available?

Listen to this invitation… an invitation hard to turn down:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…let me teach you for I am gentle and humble and you will find rest for your soul.” Matthew 12:28-30

It’s Jesus invitation to every weary soul. It’s an invitation to true rest, rest that is deeper and more satisfying than any 9-hour slumber or any weekend at the spa!

If you have cried out to God to help you, to come into your life and help you with the burdens that weary your soul, He welcomes you with His words, “Come… let me teach you… “.

Your walk with God is interactive. He is a very personal God that will teach you how to respond to Him. You are not a puppet tossed about by a careless God. You are a treasured child who He has waited for. His invitation to “Come” and find that rest for your soul is real. He gives His Helper, His Holy Spirit to come in and work with our spirit to strengthen us and, when necessary, change us as He teaches us.

In Part 1 you said “yes” to God. Are you ready now to learn? Don’t be afraid. He is gentle and humble. Saying “yes” to God doesn’t guarantee a flower strewn pathway but it does guarantee power for living. Take His hand and come… let’s learn together.