Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 8 - Constant Prayer! You Gotta Be Kidding!

Our aviation company was rebuilding an airplane. It was a big job! It would take several months and the parts required would be numerous. I phoned the parts company and opened a Purchase Order for the project. It would remain open until the job was done. The parts could be picked up without delay as the crew needed them on a daily basis.

I try to do the same thing with my prayers. God’s Word, the Bible says:

“Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” Ephesians 6:18


“Don’t be anxious about anything but pray about everything.” Phillipians 4:5

It can be a little overwhelming to think we are being asked to pray all day!! Here’s what I do. If I have a situation, a need, an issue, or a question that I know I really need God’s input on, I simply open a Purchase Order with God. I go to Him in prayer and tell Him my situation, maybe I need to have His help handling my finances, or perhaps it is with my teenager who is responding to me with icicles and I don’t know what to do… whatever it is I lay it out before God and tell Him I am opening a Purchase Order and I need to daily obtain wisdom and understanding from Him on this matter.

Then, as I go about my days I am conscious of His Spirit’s input into my life. It may be an article in a magazine that sheds some light, a discussion with a friend, a verse from the Scripture, an unusual communication opportunity with my teen. As I go about my days I am aware of God imputing the answer to my query step by step. Sometimes I am not quite sure how the particular piece of information I have just received fits into the whole picture, but I know it will and I breathe out a “Thankyou God, I know you are hearing and answering me. Continue to guide me”. And the pieces begin to fit together as the Divine hand of God becomes evident.

In the early stages of rebuilding the aircraft you might not have even recognized the project as an aircraft. As time goes on and big parts and little pieces come together it becomes visible. The open Purchase Order keeps the project moving forward without delay.

This process of keeping an open Purchase Order with God on the projects in my life enables me to keep my heart bent toward Him as I struggle through the stages of progress. It keeps me aware of His hand in each situation as I actively look for the parts and pieces He is supplying to me. I am more keenly aware of His provision even in the bits and pieces of life when it feels like the project I need His help on is lying all over the floor. As the process unfolds in my life I continue to breath out “help me, show me”. Then, as I acknowledge the things He sends my way in answer, I breath “Thankyou God” .

And the process of prayer becomes not a burden that I should be doing but rather a gift I get to participate in… an asking and receiving that makes me so aware of His hand in my life. Is there a situation in your life that is a rebuild project? Don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by it. Simply open a Purchase Order with God, watch for His supply, thank Him as you get the bits and pieces and over time you will see the Divine Hand of God make something beautiful.