Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 10 - The Hidden Place

“Wow, it’s a good thing no one can read my mind”, thought Amy as she relished some very surprising thoughts for a moment! She had been indulging these thoughts off and on now for awhile. Oh, she knew they definitely weren’t too holy, that’s for sure, but what could it hurt?

Holiness is rather a musty word anyway! A lofty, unattainable word. A word we shrink back from because we all know our own, all too unholy, state at times. Or we think of the “holier than thou” folks we know and determine we don’t want that either.

As Christians we are to aspire to holiness… yet the very word itself makes us feel aliens to it. God puts into perspective for us… .

Listen to this:

“Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the hidden place.” Psalm 51:6

Truth in the inner parts, that’s what holiness is. Being honest with ourselves and with God. Being honest in those areas that only we know about. Asking for His help.

But we aren’t just talking about muddy areas that need cleaning up. We are also inviting God to teach us wisdom in the hidden place.

Do you ever doubt God in the hidden place of your heart? Do you ever question His timing or feel guilty because He is silent and you just can’t seem to reach Him? Do you struggle with relationships and circumstances but pretend things are fine? God tells us here to invite Him to teach us wisdom in these hidden places. He is a safe place to pour out all our doubts and fears. He is a safe place to talk on our knees about those relationships and situations we are confused about. He will bring wisdom into our hearts. He will teach us.

He simply asks for “truth in the inner part”. Be honest with God. That is what holiness is. It’s not high and lofty, or self-righteous or unattainable. It is simply truth and wisdom in the hidden places.

Welcome Him there to teach you.