Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 19 - The Great Exchange

He was just a couple of people ahead of me at the check out counter. We had spotted one another and exchanged our greetings. It had been awhile since our families had visited. He was paying for his purchase when suddenly he turned, and speaking past the other customers he called, “Gail!” I looked up. “Do you have $1.57 I could borrow? I’m short a few cents.” I passed him the change and he went on his way, thanking me. Just a little extra… that was all he needed.

Isn’t that often how we treat God? Glad to have the familiarity of Him around when we need a little extra. We often call on Him only when our resources run short. “Just a little more patience, Lord,” we ask. Or “some added courage or strength please”. Sometimes we even find ourselves more than just a bit short. We may find ourselves with an empty purse at a check out counter somewhere in life. And we call out to God to come and bail us out.

Think what it would be like to exchange your purse with “just a few cents short” for His, which has more than enough for what you will encounter in any day. His resources! His adequacy! His sufficiency!

How do we access God’s resources of strength, help or wisdom? His Word tells us that He is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or even imagine! Then He tells us how.

Jesus says:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

He tells us His grace is enough! He doesn’t stand and wag His finger at our shortcomings. No! He calls us to invite Him into our weaknesses in order to see His power at work! His power is made perfect in weakness. Wherever we are weak, wherever we come up short, that is the very entry point for the opportunity of divine power in our life! We can exchange our weakness for His strength! What a dynamic thought! My weakness…His entry point!

Look at your weaknesses in a new light today! Look at them through God’s eyes and see them as an opportunity for His power! Don’t just keep God as an add-on to your life in those moments when you run out. Acknowledge your weakness right up front and ask Him into it. Don’t wait to ask for a little extra patience at suppertime when you find the day has used up all yours. Exchange your impatience for His patience. Tell Him your weakness; your tendency to be short fused or to let anxiousness grip your soul. Tell Him you are weak in an area of habit or addiction. Choose your most obvious area of weakness and begin today to use it as the entry point of God’s grace and power. Invite Him to begin working in that weakness. Believe His grace is enough for you and invite His power into that area of your life. Exchange your weakness for His strength! Don’t wait until your area of weakness leaves you standing shortchanged today.

Experience His power in your weakness. Experience the Great Exchange today!