Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Power for Living Part 20 - Waiting

He stood at the window waiting. All day he waited. Three years old and the promise of Grandma and Grandpa arriving consumed him. I could not distract him to play or to color or to ride his bike. He was waiting. His child mind could not comprehend the eight hour drive. I knew the time would go faster, be more enjoyable and maybe even productive if he left the window. But he waited… and it seemed to be agonizingly long!

I realized that I am often like that with God. I know He will eventually arrive with the answer to my prayer. I know I can trust Him for an answer to my circumstance, my question or my longing. And I wait… I wait for the answer… and sometimes it seems agonizingly long.

Sometimes when God’s answer seems to take too long I find myself beginning to lose heart. Trust in my God may even waver. (“Are they REALLY coming, Mommy?”)

And then God speaks. His Word touches my heart and He tells me what to do. He tells me how to wait.

“Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14.

Suddenly I realize I am not waiting on the Lord. I am simply waiting on an answer. And waiting on an answer is so empty, as it consumes me to distraction from other things God would have me do or focus on. His Word tells me to be strong, to wait on Him for my strength. Wait on Him…not simply on an answer.

So I turn from the window, from the waiting on the arrival of my answer. I lean on Him to draw courage and strength. I ask Him to point me in the direction of what He wants me to do today… and my waiting changes. It changes from anxious, distracted waiting to a more productive waiting. Waiting that says, “I can trust you with this, Lord. Help me now to be renewed in my strength and to focus on accomplishing what is in front of me today.”

Are you waiting today for God’s intervention or His answer? Do you feel suspended over a cliff wondering if you will fall? Change your waiting. Stop waiting for the answer, trust God with the timing, and start waiting on God to strengthen you to do what He has set in your path today. Days, weeks, even months and years can be wasted if we put our focus on the waiting and not on our God.

Today you can have a heart that draws strength from the God of the universe, in spite of the question marks punctuating your life. Pick up the task in front of you and wait first on your God for courage and strength as you wait for His answer.