Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Daily Walk Part 18 - Morning & Evening

Trudy’s heart was feeling dry. She remembered times when her walk with God had seemed so much closer…and she realized she missed it. She thought about it as she ran through her early morning shower. She hadn’t even realized her heart was slipping away from God until she began to notice the emptiness.

Once you have known God’s fullness in your heart, the emptiness is hard to settle for.

Life had just become so busy somehow. There had been changes in her life…and with those changes had come slow erosion in her personal walk with God. Oh, she still got to church with her family on Sundays. By all outward appearances she looked intact as a good Christian…but her heart was parched.

As she reached for her curling iron she recalled how she used to take time every morning to lay her day out before God. She used to ask for His help and direction in every area. And it had made such a difference too.

At night she would recount the day and the help God had given her. She asked Him to make her conscious of His presence with her. She had been so aware then of His faithfulness.

Trudy put the cereal out for the kids and grabbed a piece of toast. In her heart she determined to come back to that again. She’d start right now.

Gathering the kids around the breakfast table she asked for God’s help in this day for each one of them. She asked for help to trust Him in every detail. She asked God to remind them tonight to share how God had shown His faithfulness through the day.

She set her Bible out on her bedside table. Yes, she knew where the well was when her soul was parched. She would make a change and consciously build that relationship with God that she knew would fill the growing emptiness she had been feeling.

As she stepped out the door she was aware of a sense of expectation in her heart, and she knew…this was where she wanted to live, in God’s presence.

“In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Psalm 5:3

prayer & reflection

Dear Father God,
I’m sorry I have been running so fast that I have pushed You to the fringe of my life. Today I ask that You would help me and guide me; slow me down and show me the way to walk today in every situation. Fill me with an expectation of what You will do and who You will touch through me today. Remind me tonight to recount Your faithfulness. I want to have you fill the emptiness in my soul today.