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Trusting God Part 12 - Monuments of Grace

I remember the day she told us that she had inoperable cancer. I was amazed as I listened. It was about 7 years ago. She gave her short announcement along with several verses of scripture that reassured her God would continue to be her strength and her guide, that He was not surprised by this sudden storm in her life.

Today this dear lady is still a regular source of inspiration and encouragement in my own life! Though her physical body is frail, her spirit soars. I am amazed at her joy. I know it has not been an easy 7 years but my friend is a living monument of God’s grace. Though the storm has been fierce and the winds have come from different directions, she has found the Rock to climb up on and has found shelter in the storm.

I think of a verse from the Psalms:

“I call as my heart grows faint, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2

Storms come in life. It is a fact. But storms do not have to overtake us and cause us to drown beneath the waves. No matter what storm you are facing today, no matter if it is a small squall or an all out hurricane, God can be your Rock on higher ground.

How do you get to the Rock that is higher than you? How do you keep from going under when the waves splash hard?

Tell God you need Him in your life. Tell Him you want His help. Admit you cannot do it alone. Tell Him you need His strength to hold you right now and to give you direction in your very next step. Tell Him you want Him to carry you by His grace. Be deliberate in focusing on God and drawing your strength from Him one step at a time. Don’t run ahead and borrow tomorrow’s concerns today. Talk to other Christians, feed your soul through reading, going to church or Bible study, praying and sometimes just sit quietly and ask His presence to surround you. Ask God to lead you to Him.

As you reach out to be filled with God’s strength in your storm, you will become a living monument of grace. Others will see the strength and difference your God makes in your life and in your storms, and others will be drawn to that same “Rock” of shelter.

Don’t let trouble turn you away from God. Trust Him right in the middle of the storm and make your daily prayer one of “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I”.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Thank you for those who have gone before us and have been living monuments of Your grace. I want to be one of them Lord, for those who come behind me. Please lead me today to You. You are the Rock that is higher than I. I need to be sheltered in Your love and Your strength today. Thank you that You are only ever one prayer away. I call to You now to come into my storm and lead me through it.
Make me a monument of your grace today for I ask this in Jesus’ strong name Amen.