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Trusting God Part 18 - Where to Find Peace

Does your life ever feel in a state of commotion? Do you ever notice how the sense of peace in your heart can be dislodged and replaced by turmoil and confusion before you even realize it? It is easy to overlook what is going on in your spirit.

God tells us to pay attention to it. It is the key to His peace ruling in your heart when turmoil wants to reign.

His Word puts it simply…

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…and be thankful.” Colossians 3:15

In order to have God’s peace in our hearts we must make the choice to let it rule there. But what does that mean on a Monday morning with a challenging week ahead of you?

It means keeping a check on what is happening inside. As soon as you recognize irritation or turmoil taking over your spirit stop a moment and check out why this is happening.

God has wired us to be completed by our relationship with Him. Being filled with peace is His work in our heart, but it is our choice to let Him do that work. How does it happen?

Almost without fail you will find the peace of God gets pushed aside in your soul when one identifiable thing happens and you will be aware that turmoil has entered. Anything that has “self” as its source will push the peace of God aside and you will feel the change.

Anything that has “God” as its source will, in the same way, push the turmoil aside. Think about it…when self defense takes over in a relationship, turmoil is the result.

When self pity reigns, you find yourself on the slippery slope of discouragement. When self-seeking is the focus in business, or even ministry, a shallowness creeps in that pushes peace aside. When self energy tries to live the Christian life, defeat will be the result.

As long as self is the focus in our thoughts and actions, there is little room for God to do His work in us and His peace cannot rule in our hearts. When we choose to let Him be the focus of all we do, drawing on His energy, His help, His wisdom, His patience, His purposes, then His peace will rule in our hearts.

Today, pay attention to what is going on in your spirit. If His peace is eluding you take a look inside and see where self focus has taken over. Let His peace rule in your heart by bringing everything in your day and in your life under the umbrella of His care. It is the best way to live!

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Today I ask You to forgive me for the places in my heart where I have allowed Your peace to be pushed aside by my own self issues. Right now I place everything I have and am and ever hope to be under the umbrella of Your care and attention. I choose to let Your peace rule in my heart today.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.