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Trusting God Part 23 - Who's doing the Talking

She couldn’t understand why her husband would not hear her. The issues were important and she tried time and again to address them. Often it was in the heat of the moment and her words, spoken too harshly and from a hurting heart, fell on deaf ears and did more harm to their relationship than good.

The afternoon sun began to sink in the sky as she poured her heart out to me. I silently prayed for the help of the Holy Spirit in knowing what to say to this precious lady. As I listened to her story I became aware of the still small voice in my spirit. “Tell her to let Me do the talking” God seemed to whisper to my heart.

We decided to pray together asking God to help her hold her tongue. We prayed too that His Spirit would begin to speak to her husband’s heart, giving him a desire to face their issues and work toward solutions. From time to time we prayed together over the next several months…and change began to happen.

Whether it’s a rocky relationship with your teen, your spouse or a fellow worker or neighbor, don’t fall into the trap of speaking harsh, rash words in the heat of the moment.

Begin instead to pray about the relationship, trusting God with it and asking Him to do the talking. His Word reminds us that…

“He who guards his lips guards his life but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin”. Proverbs 13:3

Guard your lips today…and let God do the talking!

prayer & reflection

Father God,
I thank you that You know the very best way to handle the difficult situations and people in my life. Today I ask that Your Holy Spirit would help me guard my lips and not speak rash words in the heat of the moment. Father, I ask that You would do the talking to their hearts and to mine. Thank you that I can trust You with the relationships in my life. I love You, Lord and I look to You for Your help in this.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.