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Trusting God Part 24 - Are You Fretting

It seemed there were a lot of new things to fret about this week…and so I did. I quickly sensed the anxiousness in my heart and knew I needed some extra time with the Lord. I asked God to help me. As I flipped through my Bible it fell open to Psalm 37 and I knew it was no accident. This Psalm is all about fretting. There were 4 things God was reminding me to do.

TRUST in the Lord (verse 3)
God was telling me to trust Him with the things that were causing me to fret! It really was simple…oh not necessarily easy…but simple. I needed to take each concern and place it freshly in God’s hands, trusting Him with each one. So often we give our concerns over to Him only to take them back and keep worrying. If you find yourself taking them back into your hands, give them to God again and again until your heart rests in the fact that you truly can trust Him to handle them.

DELIGHT yourself in the Lord (verse 4)
I had to settle my heart afresh into the fact that God would be to me all He has promised to be and I could find joy in that fact. When we leave our concerns with God we can rejoice in what He is going to do.What a wonder that the God of the universe cares.

COMMIT your way to the Lord and trust Him (verse 5)
I needed to freshly commit my day and my way to God. Each day is a fresh start! When we commit our path to the Lord we can accomplish so much more with Him!

BE STILL before the Lord (verse 7)
In this moment God was telling me to be still before Him and to bring my fretting heart to Him. When we take the time to be still before Him He can speak to our hearts and refresh us. It is so important to come before God ~ through studying His word, praying to Him and listening to Him! He will meet with us if we only take the time to come!

The short time in His presence changed my heart. His peace settled over my soul and my day was changed.

Take a few minutes right now, right where you are, to be still before the Lord and to give Him the anxious thoughts that crowd your heart and mind today. Commit your day and your way into His hands and ask Him to increase your trust in Him. Ask Him to help you find delight in knowing the God of the universe has promised to be with you and to walk beside you. Experience the peace today that only He can bring.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
You truly are a good God. I thank you today that You care about the fretting of my heart. I come before You right now and ask You to increase my trust in You. Cause my faith to grow in believing You will be my strength and my help. I commit my day today and my path in life into Your hands. Guide me through this day and let my heart find pleasure in the fact that You care about me. Thank you for being my trustworthy God!
In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.