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Trusting God Part 28 - The Choice

He had a mistaken philosophy. He was a new Christian and the habits of the life he wanted to leave behind kept pulling at him. He excused each fall to temptation by dismissing it as part of the inevitable process of leaving the old life behind. What he did not realize was the fact that he was making choices to stay in his old ways.

Every day we choose what kind of person we will be. We choose to trust God or to stay in a state of anxiety. We choose to say “no” to things that draw us away from God or we choose to engage in them. We choose to love with the love He can put in our hearts or we choose to turn away.

Every day we make choices and every day those choices take us down a path.

  • In a marriage we make the “I choose us” statement when we stand at the altar. Many times over we make the “I choose us” choice as we journey through married life. To choose otherwise takes you in a different direction.
  • In business and day to day life we choose integrity and honesty or we choose otherwise and each takes us down a different path.
  • In our walk with God we choose to allow Him to be a part of the details of our lives or we plunge ahead on our own. Each with its own result.
  • In relationships we choose to respond with God’s help and love or we react out of our own feelings and each brings a different result.

God says “Choose this day whom you will serve”.

Every choice you make sets your foot in a particular direction. Be very aware today of what you choose. Ask God to make you sensitive to His Holy Spirit as you ask Him to help you in your choices today. Be conscious of the person you are choosing to be today.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Today I choose to serve You with my life. Remind me as I go through my day today to be aware of the choices I am making. Help me to conscious of the path I am putting my foot on by my choices today. Father, you know the kind of person I desire to be. Please empower me by your Holy Spirit to choose actions and reactions today that will help me become that person I desire to be.
I thank you and I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.