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Trusting God Part 29 - Praying Together

It was an interesting sight. Here we sat with the three owners discussing the future of their company. After going over some important decisions they had to make, one man asked, “Can we pray about this?” They reached out and took our hands. As the five of us held hands around the desk we committed to God the things we had just discussed. I was surprised at such an openness to spiritual things… even in this business arena.

I knew this was what God must have meant for us when He said in the Bible,

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” Ephesians 6:18

The next day a lady and I dropped our husbands off at the airport. She was nervous and upset. Encouraged by the prayer the day before, I asked if we could stop there at the top of the escalator and pray. We clasped hands and committed our husbands to God.

I am freshly reminded that this is exactly what God tells us to do “on all occasions”. So often we listen to one another, share the concerns on our hearts and we go away, promising to pray for each other. And that is good.

But God is showing me, with a fresh reality, that to stop and pray as the situation is shared, is to declare His power in the spiritual realm. It is a declaration of trust in our God. It is raising the expectation of seeing the “God of Hope” work in a particular situation. And it raises the level of glory to Him when the answer comes and you can point back to the time of prayer.

Ask God for courage today to pray with someone. When a need is shared ask simply, “Can I say a prayer for that right now?” It need not be long and eloquent, just a simple plea for the help of the God of Hope.

If praying out loud with someone seems too much of a stretch for you just yet, tell them you will pray for them.

Raise the level of prayer in your life. Reach out and share prayer. Look for the “on all occasions with all kinds of prayers” in your day today. Watch God work and watch your own heart be encouraged!

prayer & reflection

Father God,
I want to raise the level of prayer in my life. Please help me today to share the privilege of bringing all kinds of requests to you on all occasions throughout my day. May my words be guided by Your Holy Spirit and may I be quick to respond to opportunities to introduce prayer into my conversations. Thank you for inviting us to come to You in prayer.
I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen.