Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Alive In Christ Introduction - Share Your Lunch

The young boy joined the crowd on the dusty road as they followed the Teacher. The lunch his mother had packed hung in a bag at his side. There was excitement in the air! Though he didn’t quite understand it all, the boy knew this Teacher was special and what He taught was important. He saw people being healed!

The sun began to dip behind the hill and his own stomach told him it was time to eat. He overheard Jesus and a few of his close followers discussing where to find food to feed this great crowd. The young boy stepped forward and handed his lunch bag to Andrew. Andrew spoke up and said, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” (John 6:1-13)

Jesus ignored the inadequacy and asked that they sit on the ground. Then, as the young boy watched, Jesus gave thanks for the food and distributed it to those who were seated. Quizzical looks were exchanged as the small lunch was passed out. Remarkably over five thousand ate their fill and twelve basketfuls were left over! Imagine the story that young boy told his mother that evening!!

As mentors we have hungry people waiting to be fed. The crowd seems overwhelming at times. We wonder how to feed them. This same Jesus waits to bless the humble offering of our time and our talent and multiply it to feed this multitude!

You have stepped up to share your lunch! You have very likely already seen the miracle of your small offering being used of God! Your heart has been amazed! Just as we hear of the miracle of the crowd being fed to full, so you have stories to tell of God giving you words and opportunities to feed others with the Bread of Life.

But you already know… yesterday’s lunch will not do for today’s miracle. And once you have tasted of the miracle, you never want to live outside of that again.

But sometimes we do. Sometimes a staleness creeps into our soul and we aren’t quite sure how it happened. We find ourselves with yesterday’s lunch, or even last week’s or last month’s lunch.

We want to be deliberate in pursuing freshness. We do not want to place something stale in Jesus’ hands to be used by Him. To be Alive in Christ is to be fresh in our walk with Him.

Let’s ask God to refresh our hearts as we journey together.