Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Light On My Path Part 15 - In the Mirror

They were sharing honestly. It was a refreshing change for all of them. They had spent a weekend together and over that time many of their masks came off.

In an exchange that is altogether too rare, they shared some of their insecurities. They shared their feelings of isolation. They acknowledged their desire to connect and to share the journey with one another in a deeper way. They knew God was there among them and they could feel His love drawing them to move beyond themselves… to share His love with one another and with a world hungry for love.

It was then that she saw the picture. God put it in her mind. It so clearly told a story. It was a story from God’s heart to hers. So she shared it…

She saw herself looking into a mirror. She was completely self-absorbed with her own looks, clothes and situation. She dominated the mirror. Then slowly, behind and beside her, came the faces of other women in her life: her friends and her neighbors. They too were totally absorbed with themselves in the mirror. Suddenly the mirror fell away and in its place was a window. The faces all noticed one another and they began waving.

She felt certain that God was confirming that He was asking them to move beyond their own self-absorption… beyond their own self-focus. There was a world of other women, right in their own neighborhoods, women who God wanted to touch through them. He needed them to look beyond themselves and to see those He longed to draw to Himself.

God calls all of us from the self- focus that drives us through our days. He asks us to cast our eyes to the horizon of our circle of influence and see those around us with His eyes.

Lift your eyes away from the mirror and to the window… It’s why He drew you to Himself.

“You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19b

prayer & reflection

Father in Heaven,
It is so easy to buy into the lie that life is all about me. I confess that I have been self focused and absorbed with my needs, my wants, my looks and possessions and my plans. Today I acknowledge that You did redeem my life for a purpose. You do want to touch others through me. Please help me to turn from the mirror of self- interest and lift my eyes to the window. Help me to see today those You put in my pathway who need to know You care. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and flow through me to the world around me.
I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.