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Growing In Grace Part 03 - Work is Killing Me

Kristy hung up the phone and sighed. She hated her job. It had been okay at first and she was enjoying the environment and the people. But something changed, politics in the office; projects that did not go well; price hikes and very little affirmation among co-workers or bosses.

The atmosphere was tense and relationships were strained. Even the client she just spoke to left her with an earful of complaints and criticism. She felt powerless to change the dynamics. Others were in charge. Yet she knew her spirit was being affected by the negative surroundings.

Kristy knew she only had power to change herself and her reactions to her environment. She asked God to give her wisdom to know what to do.

God is always faithful to answer the earnest request for wisdom. He spoke to Kristy through His Word as she took time to read it that night.

The words painted a picture of encouragement for her.

“But You are a shield around me, O LORD; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head.” Psalm 3:3

Kristy thought about it. Here God was pictured as a shield around her. She thought of her tattered spirit and how she did indeed need a shield around her in the negative environment at work.

  • She asked God to shield her spirit so the earful of complaints and the harsh water cooler talk would not penetrate her heart and mind. She didn’t want to take them home with her.
  • She asked for wisdom to respond in a manner that was fair and with kindness.
  • She asked God to keep her heart soft and to help her see beyond the issues of the moment.
  • She asked Him to be the one who encouraged her heart and lifted her head when there was little affirmation or appreciation around her.
  • She asked God to keep her mindful of His help and protection as she worked day by day.

With a thankful heart Kristy knew she would get through this season at work. With God as her shield she knew she would be sustained through this challenging time.

prayer & reflection

Father in Heaven,
Thank you that You are a shield around me. Help me to rely on Your strength and protection as I face the challenging people and situations in my life.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.