Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 01 - The Lord, Jehovah

I am that I am, Yahweh. The God of all Heaven and Earth declares in His Word, the Bible, that He will make Himself known to us. What an incredible thought!

The God who created the galaxies, the depth of the oceans and the mysteries of science, desires to reveal Himself to me and to You!

  • He is Self-Existent, manifested and revealed as declared in Exodus 3:14 and Genesis 4:1.
  • He is the God of heaven and the God of all the earth. He is the God of Truth as declared in Nehemiah 1:4; Genesis 24:3; Isaiah 54:5 and Isaiah 65:16.
  • He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, who is forever praised as declared in Revelation 21:6, Isaiah 44:6 and Romans 1:25.
  • He is worthy of glory, honor and power, the LORD of heaven and earth, the LORD of all the earth as declared in Revelation 4:11; Matthew 11:25 and John 3:11.

The Lord, Jehovah, Yahweh, the One who calls Himself the great “I am”... He is there for you today. Talk to Him right now. Praise Him and be astonished at His presence in your life.

prayer & reflection

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today I thank you that You are the Self-Existent, manifested, revealed God; the God of all Heaven and Earth.

I thank you that You make Yourself known to us; that You want to make Yourself known to me today.

Today, Lord, I ask that You would make Yourself known to me in a very specific, new and very real way. Reveal to me Your heart, O God. Reveal to me Your shield of protection around me. May any darts that are being hurled at me from the enemy of my soul today be deflected by You, my great God who is over all, and in all and through all things.

Thank you that there is no power on heaven or earth that is stronger than You, our God. Encase me in Your presence and in Your holiness today in a way that I will recognize. Let me feel the shelter and protection of Your wings today as You wrap me in Your love. Give me assurance of Your power at work on my behalf. Fill my heart with the things that touch Your heart.

Give me confidence today that Yahweh, The Lord, Jehovah, the great “I am” is standing with me and over me this day. Wow! What a picture. I will walk in that confidence today with a grateful heart filled with awe of You.

In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.