Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 10 - Jehovah-Elohay

The LORD my God. Does God seem distant today? Look at the many sides of this wonderful name today and be encouraged that He is near. Step out and draw near to Him and you will see Him in a fresh way today.

  • My God, My Lord and God, My God in whom I trust, My God forever and ever. Ps 118:28; Rv 4:11; Ps 91:2; Ps 48:14
  • My Song, My Light and my Salvation, My Rear Guard, My Glory, The Lifter of my head. Ps 118:14; Ps 27:1; Is 52:12; Ps 3:3
  • My Father, Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Defender, Protector, Avenger. Is 63:16; Ps 42:5; Is 43:14; Ps 18:2; Pr 23:11; Ps 32:7; Ps 18:47

prayer & reflection

Lord God,

Thank you that over and over reference is made to You as “My” God… very personal, in the here and now… with me. Thank you that You inspired these Old Testament writers to record the very personal side of Your nature toward us.

My Savior… who lifts my feet out of the quicksand of sin.

My Redeemer… Who restores the destruction in my life that sometimes has come even by my own hand.

My Deliverer… Who will carry me through my circumstances and out the other side to victory.

My Defender… Who prays for me and shows me the way through injustice and wrongful charges.

My Protector… Who surrounds me with angels and who helps me guard my heart.

My Song… Who gives me deep peace and joy within even in the midst of trials.

The Lifter of my head… Who knows me and bestows on me the privilege and authority of being His child.

You are my God in whom I trust. Today I place my body, soul and spirit into the care and keeping of You, my faithful and trustworthy God. Direct me today as I go and remind me of all You are to me as I juggle life in my world.

In the precious name of Jesus I pray, amen.