Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 14 - Jehovah-Tsedek

The LORD of Justice. We live in a world full of injustice. Things happen to people, by people, that never should happen. In those times when one is left reeling from injustice we know that our God will be The Rock of our lives. He will hold us fast and He will judge with righteousness and integrity.

Our part is to allow Him to be the Judge and to stand firmly on Him as our Rock and the steadfast hope of our lives.

  • The Rock, The Everlasting Rock, The Rock of Ages, The Rock of our Salvation, The Judge. Deut. 32:4; Isa. 26:4; Ps 95:1; Judges 11:27. Isaiah 30:18
  • A Righteous Judge, An Upright Judge, The Judge of all the earth, The Judge of all men. Ps 7:11; Ps 75:2; Gen 18:25; ###12:23.
  • One Lawgiver and Judge, Who alone is to be feared, The High and Lofty One. James 4:12; Ps 76:7; Matt 10:28; Isa 57:15.
  • His justice is like the great deep, His Word is flawless, powerful and eternal. Ps 36: 6; Pr 30:5; He 4:12; Ps 119:89.

prayer & reflection

Father God,

Thank you that one of Your names is the LORD of justice. Thank you for the reminder today that You will act justly. I trust You today to handle the injustices of my life. Thank you that You are the Rock of Salvation and Your righteousness, uprightness and fairness will prevail as I leave the judging to You.

You alone are the one true lawgiver and judge who alone is to be feared. You are the high and lofty One who is the Rock of Ages. Your word tells us that Your justice is like the great deep. That is Salvation that I can depend on as I invite You to bring redemption to the injustices in my life.

Lord God, I ask today that I would not place myself as judge over those who have shown me injustice. I lean on Your word today that is flawless and powerful and eternal. Fill me with Your Spirit as I empty myself of judgment and leave it for You to deal with.

May my heart be refreshed today as I lean on Your holiness and integrity. Allow my mind and heart to be immersed in Your holiness. I lay any critical attitudes at Your feet toward those who have wronged me and I ask You to be their Judge. I stand on You, my Rock and rest securely in Your love and mercy.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.