Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 19 - Jehovah-Qanna

The LORD whose name is Jealous. Thank you, LORD God, that you are watchful over me. You desire to have no rivals within my heart. You are Just and Righteous and You are the one who brings justice.

  • The God who laughs at the plans of the wicked and rebukes the nations in His anger. Am 5:27; Ps 2:1-6; 37:13
  • A Jealous God,  A Zealous God ,  An Awesome God ,  A Just God , A Righteous God. Dt 4:24; Ek 39:25; Ps 68:35; 2 Th 1:6; Ps 11:7
  • A God of Retribution, A God of Vengeance , A God of Wrath,; A Faithful God, A Giving God. Jr 51:56; Na 1:2; Dt 32:4; Rm 8:32

prayer & reflection

Father in Heaven,

Thank you that You are always pursuing my heart because of Your great love toward me. Thank you for the fact that You are a jealous God who desires no rivals to You in my heart. You know me so well and You understand how pulled my heart can be to worship You and yet also hold on to many things that often overshadow my love for You.

Thank you that You know my heart and keep drawing me to that place of deep worship of You. I know that that is truly the place of real contentment.

Father, today You know the things that rival You within my heart. Today I declare that I want You first and foremost in my life. You alone are life to me. You alone are the healer, the savior, the one who loves me completely and accepts me just as I am.

Thank you for Jesus who died and rose again to become the bridge of love that lets my heart reach You. I am amazed at Your caring love that reaches to my heart. You deserve no rivals in my heart and mind. You are awesome and faithful. You are the one who brings justice into our lives and our land. Thank you that on this earth, You will have the final word.

Today I ask You to draw me close to You. Reveal Your heart of love to me in fresh ways. May I move from those things that pull me away from You and may I bask in the joy that giving You first place in my heart will bring.

In the strong name of Jesus I pray, amen.