Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 20 - Jehovah-Saboath

The LORD of Hosts. The LORD Almighty is your defender and your protector. He is a mighty warrior, a mighty God. He is mighty in power and mighty in battle for you today. No matter what you face today know with assurance that God can break down walls and bring victory. His is mighty to save you.

  • The Hope of Israel, The Portion of Jacob, The King of Israel, The Shepherd of Israel. Jr 14:8; Jr 10:16; Zp 3:15; Ps 80:1
  • A Mighty Warrior, A Mighty God, Mighty in power, Mighty in battle. Is 42:13; Jr 20:11; Ps 93:4; Ps 147:5; Ps 24:8
  • Mighty to save, A Consuming Fire, A Wall of Fire, A Devouring Fire. Zp 3:17; Dt 4:24; Is 10:17; Is 30:27; He 12:29; Zc 2:5; Dt 9:3
  • The Victor, The Breaker, The God who breaks down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron. Pr 21:31; Ps 107:16; Is 45:2

prayer & reflection

LORD of Hosts,

We bow before You this day with humble hearts contemplating Your greatness and Your might! We are in awe that You are our defender and our victor. You are LORD over the whole spiritual and physical realm… and You are my God. Thank you!

Father God, all around us the needs are so great! Injustice, illness, discouragement and poverty of body and spirit drag Your children down daily. Thank you that You are our mighty warrior who goes to battle to bring truth and justice to our lives. Thank you that You are a wall of fire, a consuming fire, and You break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. You level mountains! Thank you for this amazing picture of the power of Your name over me.

Today I stand on the promise of Your name, the great LORD of Hosts, mighty in battle. I bring to You today the battle that rages around me and even within me. I bring my affliction and my distress to You with fresh confidence that You will encase me behind Your wall of fire and You will break through the walls that loom over me.

Show me today if there is anything in my heart that I need to confess and clean out as I stand before You and Your mighty power. May my heart be open to turn from any thing in my life that opposes You as I call on Your power to save me.

In the strong name of Jesus I pray with thanksgiving, amen.