Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 21 - Jehovah-Magen

The LORD our Shield. What a picture of peace the LORD brings to our hearts as we consider Him as the Shield around us! May we keep that picture alive in our hearts and minds today as we walk. He is our God of joy!

  • Our Sustainer, Our Judge, Our Lawgiver, Our King, Our Exceedingly Great Reward. Ps 54:4; Is 46:4; Is 33:22; Gn 15:1.
  • Our Witness, The Horn of our salvation, Our Stronghold, A Strong Tower, A Tower of refuge. Rm 1:9;  Ps 18:2;  Ps 61:3; Pr 18:10.
  • A Secure Fortress, A Sanctuary, A Sun and Shield , A Very Present Help in trouble. Pr 14:26; Ek 11:16; Ps 84:11; Ps 46:1.
  • A God of Joy, A God of Freedom, A God of Mercy, A God of Refuge, A God of Rest. Ps 16:11; Jm 1:25; Dn 9:9; Ps 27:5; He 4:9.

prayer & reflection

Father in Heaven,

Your name is a strong tower that I can run to and find rest and safety.

Your name is my stronghold. Lord, I usually think in terms of a stronghold in my life as a negative thing. Yet Your word tells me that a stronghold is any thought taken captive. Any fear or persistent barb that keeps surfacing in my mind is a negative stronghold.  Yet Your name and all it represents is to be my stronghold instead. What an amazing thought.

Help me to focus on You as my secure Fortress, my Sanctuary, my Sun and Shield. You are my Very Present Help in trouble. Let my heart steep in the fact that You are my God of Joy and Freedom; of Mercy and Refuge. You are my God of Rest.

May my heart and mind rest today in all that You are. May I rest assured that Your might will carry me through all that encompasses me on my pathway today. You are my stronghold You are the Shield around me. Fill me with Your joy. Thank you. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.