Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Feelings Part 06 - Feeling in Need of Encouragement

The unexpected rose on her desk made her smile. The note said, “Knock their socks off”. Sue’s friend knew she was giving an important presentation and that simple act of support gave her a burst of confidence.

We all need encouragement…sometimes we even need it desperately.

Maggie tossed her purse on the counter and kicked off her shoes. The pink slip had come as a complete surprise. What was she going to do? Discouragement settled over her like a blanket.

We all face those moments, hours or even days when our hearts take a nosedive and our world looks bleak. A word or an act of encouragement has the ability to lift our hearts and our spirits. Encouragement is like a lifeline on days we feel we are sinking. Learning the art of encouraging others builds within us a reservoir of hope, which helps hold us when we need a lift in our own heart.

Encourage someone today and you yourself will be encouraged. The Art of Encouragement has three main avenues.

1. Giving Support

Look for ways to come alongside those in your life and affirm them in what they are doing. Become a cheerleader for those you love as they move through life stretching to meet new opportunities. A phone call or card can say you notice the hard work they are putting in. Actively look for ways to polish up the creativity and efforts of those in your circle as they seek to grow.

Recently my daughter gave me a card that said, “I see how much you put your heart into your work…” That simple acknowledgement encouraged me to keep going. Never underestimate the value of sincere recognition.

2. Showing Honor

Take note of character qualities in people. Watch for courage, strength, wisdom, patience, cheerfulness, honesty, compassion, kindness and gentleness. When you find yourself noticing an admirable quality in another human being take the time to acknowledge it. Be especially ready to polish up these values in those nearest and dearest to you. It will make a difference in your relationship.

It is never too late to recognize and honor the character traits you admire. The other day my mom answered the door and there stood a man with two dozen roses. He said “Fifty years ago this month two fine people took in 3 children who really needed help. Your kindness and love have never been forgotten.” He was one of those three children. My mom and dad were really touched and felt so honored by this gentleman.

3. Bringing Hope

The third level in the Art of Encouragement is that of giving hope. When hard times come and discouragement settles over the soul, a word of hope can keep one pressing on. A word of hope says, “You’ll make it through.” A word of hope says, “I believe in you.” A word of hope says, “God is with you and will help you”.

Hope coupled with faith in God is a mighty power in our lives. Hope in ourselves alone just isn’t enough when the journey of life gets hard. Hope in God and in His power and strength to meet our needs is true encouragement for the soul. Hope in God is the anchor that holds us in the storms of life.

In God’s Guidebook for Life, The Bible, He says, “Encourage one another daily…”. He knows how much we need it. Ask Him to help you develop the Art of Encouragement and in turn be encouraged yourself.

“Encourage one another daily…” (Hebrews 3:13)