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Growing My Faith Part 01 - Stability

She listened to my concern over my child’s behavior. “Next week it will be something else,” she smiled and casually commented. She was right. What was consuming me at that moment had seemed so big, yet before long it did change and a life lesson became evident to me. Change is a constant we can count on.

Sometimes we embrace the changes and enjoy the adventure. Other times the changes are hard and we wrestle against them. Sometimes we initiate them. Other times they come as an unwelcome intruder. No one is exempt from change. It may come gradually and we adjust or it may come like an earthquake and rock our foundations.

This week I spoke with several in the midst of change. One was grieving and could not stop crying. Another was newly engaged with a sparkle in her eye that matched her diamond ring. Another has serious health issues while another faces uncertainty with an aging parent. Still another longs for changes that are too slow in coming. I too have some question marks in my life… you may too.

Changes, both those that are welcome and those that are not, can leave us with a feeling of instability. And instability doesn’t feel good. Instability is like walking on a slippery path or maneuvering over uneven terrain. When we feel that instability and the downward pull of it, there is help. We can ask God to steady us. He is aware of all that is happening in our individual lives and He longs to stabilize us through the transitions and changes. He invites us to sit in His presence and talk with Him and listen to Him.

Listen to the promise:

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest (find stability) in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

God reminds us that we can live in security with Him. He knows where we are. He knows what is happening in our lives. He asks us to camp out on the certainty that He will give us rest and stability through all the changes as we stay close to Him. He will take our arm and help us over the uneven terrain. He will even carry us when it becomes too hard.

Whatever change you are facing today, whether it is one you sought out or one you wished had not happened, reach out to God and let Him steady you. Tell Him where you feel unstable whether it is in your emotions, your physical strength, your wisdom, your finances or your future. To dwell in Him means to keep your communication open with Him, tell Him what you feel. Then listen for Him to speak to you through His Word, through other people and through your spirit by His Holy Spirit. He will direct you and He will give you stability as you walk one step at a time.

prayer & reflection

Father God,

Hold me steady today as I work through the changes in my life. Give me stability as I draw near to You. Thank you for Your faithful strength to see me through uncertainty.
I pray this in the strong name of Jesus, Amen.