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Growing My Faith Part 11 - Fanning the Flame

We sat by the open fire. It was warm and friendly. We hardly noticed the coals were growing cold. One smoldering log had rolled away from the rest and the fire was dwindling fast. I drew the log to the coals. Gradually the spark of fire grew as I fanned the flame and it engulfed the log.

Busy days and hurried lives can leave us feeling distanced from the flame that once warmed our hearts. Like that smoldering log we can find ourselves drawn away from the fire of God’s love by the cares of this world… and we miss Him.

Over the years I have had times when I have felt a distance from God. He never moves…but sometimes I do. Many things can contribute to that distance. Busyness is a common one. Discouragement with life’s circumstances is another. Regardless of the cause, once we acknowledge the distance, there is a remedy. We can draw close to the flame and fan the flickering spark.

If you feel a distance from God and long for a new warmth in your relationship with Him, do one thing. Do the one thing you would do if you longed for the company of a special individual…make an appointment to spend some time together. Make an appointment to spend some time with God.

James 4:8 gives us a promise…

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Tell God exactly how you are feeling and how you have missed the warmth of His presence. Tell Him the things that you know you need to turn from and ask for His help. Ask Him to fill your heart with His presence and to fill your mind with His priorities.

If you long for His presence, make that appointment today. Ask Him to enlarge your vision of your life so you can begin to do, in greater measure, the very things He created you uniquely to do. This is the path to true joy.

Remember, God is only ever one good prayer time away. And He misses you too.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
I miss the closeness we once had. Today I want to draw near to You and I know You will draw near to me. Help me to turn from the things that drew me away from You. Fill my heart with Your love and fill my life with your presence. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit in fresh ways so I can begin to see the plans You have for me; your plans to fulfill me as I look to accomplish what You have for me to do. Thank you for embracing me with Your warmth today.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.