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Growing My Faith Part 13 - Out of God's Will

She came to me with her tormented thoughts. Had she made a mistake? Was she now out of God’s will? We quickly turned to the Word of God to find out His perspective. When we question God’s will for us He does have guidance for us.

Listen carefully to these words from the Bible:

“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Having a thankful heart is not optional for the believer who wants to be in God’s will. When you know nothing else of God’s will for your journey, you know this…if thankfulness has left your spirit you are out of God’s will. It’s a startling thought!

Take a minute and replay the words that have come out of your mouth in the last 24 hours. Did the majority of them fall on the critical, nagging, complaining, grumbling side? Or did they mostly reflect a thankful spirit, filled with gratitude to God and to others for even the smallest of blessings?

So often we allow our thoughts to be plagued about what God’s will is for us. Am I in the right location? Did I make the right decision? Am I moving in the right direction? Should I take this job or go to that school? In pursuing His will geographically we can often miss His will for our hearts.

And His will for your heart is to be thankful… thankful in all things. Not thankful for all things, but thankful in them; thankful that He is there to be your strength, your guide, your deliverer and the one who will bring joy into your heart.

In the process of maintaining a thankful heart we are more sensitive to hear His direction in the other matters of life too. Today is a fresh page, ask His Holy Spirit to change you. Ask Him to help you live within His will today by being thankful. Ask Him to continue to direct your paths in the way He wants you to go.

Living with a thankful heart will bring new horizons to your life. It’s His will for you!

prayer & reflection

Father God,
It is often so hard to be thankful. Forgive me for allowing complaining and grumbling to surface in my heart. Help me today, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, to have a thankful heart. Open my eyes in new ways today to see the good things You have brought into my life. Help me to recognize the strength and guidance You bring into my day. Show me blessings I take for granted and help me to cultivate a thankful heart as I await Your direction in other areas of my life. Thank you for showing me Your will in this.
In the strong name of Jesus I pray, Amen.