Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Growing My Faith Part 25 - Moisturizer

Iris was bold enough to ask me, “Gail, would you like to try the moisturizer my company sells? It would do wonders for those tiny wrinkles around your eyes.” I was surprised at her question yet I knew those little lines were creeping in so I said, “Sure”!

A little moisture on skin that is dry from the elements (never mind the birthdays!) works great wonders. I was thankful my friend introduced me to something that worked on those little wrinkles. It has been in my makeup bag ever since.

Just as the daily elements take a toll on our skin, the daily grind of life can take its toll on our souls. Weathering the storms of life can often leave us feeling dry and in need of moisture for our soul. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until the effects begin to show…little wrinkles of a bitter root, a critical attitude, an abrasive edge, a weariness that lingers long after a good night’s rest.

Jesus addressed moisture for the soul one day when he was speaking to the crowds that gathered to hear His teaching. He said,

“For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me.” John 7:38 (The Living Bible)

The Holy Spirit dwells within those who have opened the door of their heart to believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Yet we often settle for a trickle when Jesus has promised a river!

When you ask for God’s help, the Holy Spirit will bring freshness to your soul and give you strength to overcome those wrinkles that reveal your inner dryness. He will come as a river when you choose to allow Him to flow through you to soften and cleanse you.

Don’t wait another day to deal with the dryness you feel within. Ask for His forgiveness where you see the evidence of inner wrinkles. Ask for His filling. Bask in the moisturizing of your soul as His grace and love fills you and strengthens you.

Somewhere in your life is a friend who may need the answer Jesus offers to those with souls weary from the storms of life. Ask her to join you in this journey of knowing Him.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Thank you that You have given me the gift of Your Holy Spirit to bring fresh life to my soul. Fill me afresh today with Your power and give me boldness to invite others to know Your amazing refreshment and cleansing.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.