Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Alive In Christ Part 06 - "I" Insight

Cathy’s face glowed. She talked about the gentle care of her Heavenly Father. She told me how God had provided the people and the words that she had needed to hear as she searched for Him.

Her pain of the past has been healed and she is experiencing a wholeness in her heart that she never even knew existed. I poured the tea and listened to her story.

It’s the same story you and I hear from those who write to us through our mentoring ministry. There is hurt, confusion, fear and such a hunger that is often not even definable in the depths of their souls. We know that what they seek is that connection with God… and sometimes we may be their only link in the darkness to draw them to His love.

Cathy spoke of people God had put in her life that had said just the thing she had needed to hear. She had several examples of simple truths spoken at the right moment and God dropped that seed into fertile soil.

As each letter comes your way over the summer months, know that you have been given one of those moments in the process of a hungry heart coming to God. Ask God for insight, His insight to understand the hurt at the other end of that email. Ask Him for insight about the resulting need that hurt has brought to the surface.

Ask Him for His compassion in your heart as you write back. God knows just the nugget of truth that this fertile soil is ready to receive. His truths are simple and He will give you the words to touch each particular individual in a way that will resound in their heart.

As we take the hand of a hurting soul, in this most unique way online, ask God to give you fresh insight, His insight into just what this soul needs to hear. It need not be wordy or long. It ought not to be our own ideas of how to fix a particular problem.

We need His insight to hear the hurt and understand the need, to receive from Him the words to touch a heart that has reached out from the darkness longing to be whole.

Ask Him each time to give you the understanding and the particular truth to share. What a privilege to share a loaf and watch Father God multiply it in the hungry heart that receives it.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Thank you for each Mentor that You have brought to this ministry. Thank you that they are positioned to be the one that responds to the particular email You have directed to them. Give them fresh bread in their times with You so that they will have the freshness of Your truths overflowing in their hearts. Give them insight, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to write just what this soul needs to be drawn on in her journey to You.
In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen