Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Loved by God Part 22 - Generosity

Kelly listened to the talk around the room at coffee break. “What kind of return are you getting on that investment?” “How are you going to get the money for your down payment?” “I got the most amazing deal on my new living room furniture.” What interest rate do you get at your bank?”

These concerns are part of day to day life. Yet this morning they seemed in such contrast to what she had just read in her Bible.

“... see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 2 Corinthians 8:7

Kelly thought about it as she put her mug in the sink. She quietly prayed, “Lord, show me how to excel in giving today and to see it as bestowing some of Your grace. I know it means so much more than the concern of material goods.” Then the busyness of the day swept her back to the task at hand. But God had been invited to work through her today!

That night as Kelly got ready for bed she reflected how God had answered her prayer. She had been able to give compassion today to Mary who was troubled over some family concerns. She had given time to her teenager, to look him in the eye and really hear what he was telling her. She had given forgiveness to her boss who didn’t even know how hurtful his comments had been. She had given encouragement to her husband who was feeling frustrated in his work.

Kelly found that looking for places to give throughout her day had brought her contentment and a measure of fulfillment she had not expected. God had given His grace to her and she in turn passed it out.

Today why not look for the places you can excel in the grace of giving. If you feel tired and discouraged yourself, go first to God and ask for His grace to strengthen you and to give you grace that you can pass out to those you encounter. You will be surprised at the extra dimension it adds to your day! God wants to use you where you are today to pass out His grace. Excel in it!

prayer & reflection

Heavenly Father,
I ask You to show me how I can give out grace in the situations around me today. Help me to see the opportunities You provide to give out kindness, forgiveness, compassion, a gentle response, a listening ear or time to just be with someone. Thank you that You are my source and will give me what I need to pass on to others. Father, help me today to see my environment as one You want to penetrate with Your grace. Help me to excel in the grace of giving today.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.