Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 02 - Adonai-Jehovah

Lord GOD, Sovereign LORD, Master. Picture it! Our God, sitting on the throne that is over all things and above all things. He is above all gods that our culture tries to lift high. He is majestic as He resides over the details of our days and has their number in His hand.

As we focus on His greatness our daily responses will change and our lives will be impacted in a way that only worship can bring. He calls us to respond to every circumstance in our lives with worship that stands amazed at His love and greatness.

  • He is The Majesty, enthroned above the circle of the earth, enthroned on high, enthroned in heaven as declared in Hebrews 1:3; Isaiah 40:22; Psalm 113:5; Psalm 2:4, Genesis 15:2.
  • He is enthroned in Zion, enthroned above the cherubim, enthroned upon the praises of Israel as declared in Psalm 9:11; Psalm 99:1; Psalm 22:3.
  • He is enthroned as King forever, A Great God, and a Great King above all gods as declared in Psalm 29:10; Psalm 55:19; Psalm 95:3.

prayer & reflection

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you that You are the Sovereign LORD, the Majesty, the Lord GOD of every detail of my life. Thank you that Your word says that You are enthroned above the circle of the earth.

What a picture Lord… You alone, over the circle of the whole earth. You alone on the throne over all things, over everything! ! Our Great God and King over all other gods who try to pose as the one and only. Help me today to let nothing trump Your place of majesty and power in my life!

Thank you that there is no person, no words, no attitudes or actions toward me nor any circumstances swirling around me that can overpower the fact that You alone are enthroned over me and around me. You cover all that encompasses me today.

Help me to rest in this wonderful picture today. You, encircled over me and all that concerns me today. Thank you Lord.

Grant me Your wisdom today. Empower me with strength within my frame in my mind, my emotions, my body and my spirit. May I feel sheltered and protected under the circle of Your presence today. May my heart swell with worship and praise for Your awesome greatness in the universe and Your tender concern over the details of my life.

In the strong name of Jesus I pray, amen.