Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

The Names of God Part 11 - Jehovah-Mekadeshkem

The LORD who sanctifies. I love the picture of our God and Father who is over all, and through all, and in all things.

Today, you are not isolated or alone in your situation, whatever it may be. Whether joy overflows in your heart or whether despair nips at the edges of your mind and heart, rest in the assurance that God is there in your situation with you. He will encourage you, teach you, instruct you, refine you and inspire and grow you as you trust in Him.

  • The True and Faithful Witness, The God who searches the hearts and minds of men, who humbles and exalts you. Jer. 42:5; Jer. 17:10; 1 Sm 2:7
  • He disciplines, tests, refines, teaches, instructs, inspires, encourages and sometimes even hardens hearts. Rom 9:18; Deut 8:5; James 1:12; Zac 13:9; Ps 32:8; 2 Tim 3:16; Ps 10:17
  • God our Father, One God and Father of all, Who is over all and through all and in all. Rom 1:7; Eph 4:6

Isn’t it encouraging to know that God is committed to your journey of faith and He desires to keep drawing you onward in knowing Him!

He searches our hearts and minds in order to refine us and teach us. Those niggling thoughts of things you need to let go of in your life are His call to you to journey forward. He instructs us and inspires us so that we will be encouraged as we go. We do not walk alone and He calls us to listen as He leads. He tests us and disciplines us. He humbles and exalts us yet He cannot work outside of His deep love for us and we know we can trust His goodness.

He is our God and our Father, the One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. He is so big yet so concerned about the specifics of “me”. Wow!

prayer & reflection

Father God,

You are the One who Sanctifies; You are at work making me holy. What a thought, Lord. I feel so far from holy yet You promise to refine me and teach me, to instruct me and inspire me.

Thank you that You never work apart from Your love for me. I trust Your goodness toward me even when I cannot understand it. Thank you that You are committed to my growth and my joy.

You are the One God who is over all and through all and in all. You are magnificent beyond my comprehension yet so loving and kind as You lead me on to blameless living, that is, living without rebellion in my heart. Show me today where any rebellion exists and help me to allow Your refining process to draw me upward and onward in complete trust in Your goodness.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.