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Growing My Faith Part 20 - My "To Be" List

We don’t communicate nearly often enough yet we touch each other’s heart and we treasure our friendship. Her recent email blessed and inspired me. Let me share her wisdom…

God inspired my friend to make a list. It wasn’t the usual list of goals and the on-going “to do” list. No, He impressed on her to make a “to be” list and to concentrate on that.

This simple act was bringing a new perspective to her life. God was helping her to focus on His indwelling Spirit and what she was being, rather than just centering her focus so much on what she was doing.

I began my list too…

I know I can’t “be” much without the filling of the Holy Spirit. My shortcomings can short circuit me so quickly. His Spirit can be my strength where I am weak. In fact the very places I am weak can become the entry point of His power! What a cool thought! This is what He says…

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:8

This week my “to be” list looks like this:

  • Be thankful… for little things
  • Be joyful… by choice
  • Be patient… deliberately
  • Be kind… on purpose

I already see results from my friend’s wisdom. On my “to do” list I had a long overdue reminder to visit a lady who is unable to get out much. The extra time never seemed to surface to get there. When I asked God to help me “be kind ... on purpose” I thought of this person and carved out some time to go. I still got the other things done that I needed to and was refreshed by my visit.

My friend said that as the being takes place, the doing will automatically happen. She’s right. God fulfills us… as He fills us!

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Show me the things I need on my “to be” list today. Help me to grow in being rather than simply doing! Change my perspective today with the power of the Holy Spirit! Fill me and fulfill me with Your purposes as I concentrate on who you want me to be.
In Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen.