Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Growing My Faith Part 23 - Whatever Works for You

We were planning a lunch date. I took my calendar from my purse and asked if next Wednesday would work. She replied, “Whatever works for you is fine with me.” She was ready to yield her plans to my agenda. I was touched by her willingness.

As I drove home God used her words to speak to my heart. In asking God to direct my path I often have criteria that I want Him to work around. I sincerely want to do His will and be connected in my relationship with Him. Yet I have my own thoughts about what the path should look like.

In other words, I want to do lunch with Him and enjoy His company, but I want to say what time suits me and decide where we should go.

Sometimes God nudges our hearts and asks, “Do you really trust Me?” Can we say “Whatever works for You is fine with me” and believe He will have our best interest at heart? Do we trust Him to lead us in paths that will use the uniqueness of who He made each of us to be? Will we let Him pour His love and power into our hearts so those around us will see by our lives just who our God is?

God is touched by our willingness to yield our plans to His agenda. He promises us that He will lead us in right paths for our individual lives so others will see our amazing God through us.

“He leads me in paths of righteousness for His names sake.” Psalm 23:3

We often say we trust God with our lives. But are we willing to yield our daily plans to His and say “Whatever works for You, Lord, is fine with me? It may mean juggling our calendar to accommodate the needs of another; it may mean saying no to certain entertainment; it may mean taking care that our words build others up and not tear them down; it may mean a lifestyle shift to do what He has been asking. Whatever it may be it will have an upward pull in our lives and will bless us as we yield to His plan for our individual lives.

prayer & reflection

Father God,
Today I yield my plans to Your agenda. Lead me in Your paths today and meet some need through me. Flow Your love through my uniqueness today. May the watching world around me see just who my God is! Give me grace and boldness to follow You throughout my day.
In Jesus’ strong name I pray, amen.