Gail Rodgers Sharing the Journey

Deepen your walk with God through these 15 multi-part devotional series.


Preparing your heart for Christmas.

Alive In Christ

To be Alive in Christ is to be fresh in your walk with him. Faith can grow stale amid the challenges of life. Choose to be deliberate in pursuing freshness today.

Character Building

Intentionally choosing to grow in who I am.


Paying attention to what we are feeling is often the first clue as to what is really happening in our thoughts. This series will help you to be led by God's Spirit and not dragged by your emotions.

Finding Rest

Let your soul find true rest in the power and strength of Jesus.

Growing In Grace

Learning to grow in the amazing grace that God offers to us every day as we follow Jesus.

Growing My Faith

Choosing to grow your faith is a daily choice. It will make a world of difference where you walk. Commit to growth today.

Hope for the Heart

Our words and our lives flow from what’s in our hearts. Tend your heart… and find deeper joy.

Light On My Path

God promises to light our pathway step by step when we follow Him. This series of devotions offers practical steps in moving forward on your spiritual journey of trusting God day to day.

Living in an Unstable World

God gives us instructions for life that will anchor and stabilize us when our world feels unstable. Knead these steps into your life, as we knead flour into bread, and be strengthened.

Loved by God

See yourself through God’s eyes and find freedom to be all God created you to be.

Power for Living

Dare to journey in the power of the Holy Spirit and you will find power for living like you never knew possible.

The Daily Walk

Growing in your walk with God step by step and day by day.

The Names of God

The depth of the riches of the names of God pours strength into our lives as we worship Him for who He is. Rejoice in His name all day long and see the difference worship brings to your life.

Trusting God

Strengthening your faith in the God of Hope.